SECOS Complete Premiere

For more than 10 years MODATIMA has been fighting for the recovery of water, first from the Province of Petorca and then from each territory of the country. It has been a difficult struggle, with many costs for the women and men who make up our movement, but we are still standing in the battle.

We have been in each of the corresponding instances of the executive and legislative powers, exposing our demands, which represent an entire citizenry, facing the constant pressures of the de facto powers, which want changes so that everything remains the same. But they can not intimidate us, because we talk about common sense.

Each of our interventions aims to raise awareness of something as basic as water is an essential human right, and in this long and hard journey, during 2016, Modatima, Heinrich Boll Foundation and Poetastros, worked together in the creation of a choral piece, by outstanding national actors and actresses who courageously represent our demands, added to the testimonies spoken from the territory, in what would be the SECOS short film.

We will continue in the fight as we have been doing, demanding the authorities from their powers, from the street, from the territories, because water is life.


Deltacap 2016